Why is valentines day so taboo

Why is Valentine’s Day So Taboo?

The New Look Of Love in 2019

The New Look of Love in 2019

As we all know, February is often known as “the month of love.” Thanks to that 14th day in February, called Valentine’s Day!

Images of Cupid shooting his arrow, love hearts, lovers whispering sweet nothings, roses, and chocolates immediately spring to mind, when I think of this day. In our modern society “V Day” as I like to call it, has gotten a pretty, bad wrap. Many believe it’s a “commercialised day” and a way for businesses to make huge amounts of money, by hiking up prices for Rose and Chocolates.

Which is true!

I personally believe every holiday/ special day is no different when it comes to this, look at Easter and Christmas. As for the retailer, could you blame them? It’s not getting any easier competing with online businesses and with so many competitors, consumers really do have the upper hand. What I don’t understand is; Why don’t people want to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Alright, you may feel awkward showing your love or “you’re not the romantic type” and if this is you, put your big boy or girl panties on and grow up (are we in high school?).

Why is celebrating love so bad?

Love is an emotion that is given and received, many are in the mind that, “I don’t have a partner/ Valentine/ lover so why should I celebrate?”

Don’t feel insecure about V Day, just because you don’t have a partner!

I’ll tell you why…

Valentine’s Day is all about love (You don’t need me to tell you that) and love is for giving. Give love to as many you can, it doesn’t have to be romantic love, love has many facets; give your love to friends, family, work colleagues, show you love to strangers, the mailman or mail-women, your pool boy (if you have one) and yes, even your annoying neighbour. Spread your love this Valentine’s Day to as many as you can, have fun with it.

And let go of your insecurities, this is an inclusive day. Because love IS inclusive… Yes, you may not receive flowers or chocolates, you will, however receive more, I assure you. The more love you spread the more you’ll receive it in return. Try it for a day, why not start on Valentines Day? There’s no money back guarantee, but at least you tried, right?!

Another way you can show your love is to donate to your favorite charity. Here’s a tip:

The Heart Foundation always run a Valentine’s Day campaign. Give a heart, by helping to heal hearts. You even get to send a personalised message to your loved ones and help a good cause. Win, win!

Check out their super-cute site below.


Do not spend another Valentine’s Day sulking on the couch, pigging out on Popcorn and binge-watching romantic chick flicks, pleasssse!

(That is, unless this is your ideal night? And there’s nothing wrong with that, you do you Boo)

One. You’re too good to get upset over one day.

And two, there are people that need YOU!

Promise me you’re going to brighten up your part of the world with your love and light by sharing it in as many ways you can.

One more thing, don’t forget to love yourself, you deserve the best life has to offer.

You could: Run a bath, treat yourself to a bottle of Champagne, a good book, chocolates, a massage or pamper session or… All of the above.

So with that said, how do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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