Where Do I Start?

001. Where Do I Start?

Okay, where do I start…

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea what I’m writing. It’s been a while since my last article and I’ve completely lost my words, ideas, and mojo.


I’d like to think that writing is like riding a bike, all it takes it to get back on the bike and start pedaling, for me it hasn’t been that easy this last year. You see, I temporarily gave up my writing to earn a living and although I like my current workplace, working full-time in a brand, spanking, new job left no more energy space for maintaining this blog site, until now.


Yes, that’s right, Life happens. It happens to all of us, I’m not perfect* Life just sometimes gets in the way of our dreams, passions, plans or whatever you like to call it. There’s no point regretting what you could have done because if you could have, you would have! I have had to learn the hard way with this one… Perfectionists regret everything, and I’ve learned not to be so hard on myself. Which leads me to the next point.

*I’m close to perfect, but I have the occasional rest day, I mean year.


Move On, and get the show on the road already.

Let’s move on together, this is a new year so what better way to celebrate than proving to yourself that you CAN. Hey, would you look at that, I just did by writing this article starting with nothing, zilch inspiration.

The key to achieving whatever it is you want to achieve is to START. If you want that promotion, you have to start working towards it, If you want to become the next Picasso, you have to start painting, if you want to buy your dream house, go on that vacation or become your own boss, you have to start and the rest will follow.

“A blank page is like a blank canvas, this is where the magic begins.” ~ La Muse Journal

Do What Makes You Happy.

This I’m positive you’ve heard too many times to take me serious, yes, I’m looking at you hallmark and Kiki. K!? Although it’s appeared more times than you want to see on your Instagram feed, this sentence has a lot of merit to it, and please hear me out before you bail out. But, if you do decide to click out due to boredom, sorry not sorry friends for attempting to share my wisdom.

Okay, I digress… Where was I. That’s right, happy.

Doing what makes you happy sparks up inspiration which leads to motivation, and motivation ultimately leads you to achieve your dreams because your dreams are aligned with what makes you happy.

Let me explain in another way if I’ve lost you, it’s a must for your sanity and others for you to add in on the daily something you LOVE. If it’s exercise, good on you!! Maybe it’s painting, writing, reading, fishing, shopping, sun-tanning (or all the ings) I don’t know, all I know is life is meant to be enjoyed, so celebrate by being happy every day doing what you love, it’ll make the things you don’t love (like housework) seem so much easier to cope with… Or you could hire a cleaner!

What do you love? Why not start today!







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