Dear Journal 2

Dear Journal ~ Inner Thoughts and Honest Words

Dear Journal,

Do you ever have those days when you take a chance, a big leap of faith and you think, am I making a mistake?


This is my dilemma.

I quit my good job with no plan, only trust in the universe that in my search to find my calling, something will show up.

For most, (including me) ‘finding your purpose’ is the ultimate life achievement, this will allow you to not only work in a field you LOVE, but a career that you feel will make a difference to your life and the lives of others. I have read countless books on the topic in my own quest to follow my passion.

And now that I have made this leap of faith, embraced the fear and found my voice, no matter how hard I try that niggling voice, the some would sensible part of me wants to come back to reality and find a job. One of the things I’ve learned on this journey so far is that when on your quest to find your calling, work out the things you could do all day, every day without pay. For me, that’s writing and inspiring others!

What are your passions, and would you do this without pay?

What’s important to you? Is it making a difference, work flexibility?

What are the steps you’re willing to take to get there?


Let’s see what the future has in store. Time to start writing the next chapter!

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