PANTONE Ultra Violet

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

The magic, mystery, and intrigue revealed. Well, it’s out, the Colour Institute has announced the Colour of the Year for 2018.

Introducing… Ultra Violet PANTONE 18-3838.

“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to PANTONE 18-3838” – Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.

The union of passionate red and regal blue creates a complex and powerful color. Traditionally, Violet has been a symbol of spirituality and religion. It’s been known to enhance psychic abilities and in many cultures, Violet is the color of the Crown Chakra also known as, the Sahasrara. It is the 7th Chakra and last, of all the Chakras, the Sahasrara is the connection with the source, that deeper meaning to life and light of the universe.

Ultra-Violet is mysterious, spiritual, a provocative shade with depth that holds the highest vibration of all the colors before it. The intrigue doesn’t end there, Pantone 18-3838 is inspired by creatives and pop culture which serves to encourage individuality, originality, non-conformity and a uniqueness thanks to pop icons David Bowe and Prince who embodied this shade.

“The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.” –Pantone Colour Institute

Ultra-Violet reminds us to slow down, be present and never stop exploring the endless possibilities of life and beyond. Our continual fascination with the universe and technology is what makes this shade a harmonious blend of present and future, which sets the tone for trends in 2018.

Pantone 18-3838 prompts us to enjoy each and every moment in our lives by being present and aware of the promises of life. Untangle yourself from the restriction that may be placed upon you, stop worrying about what others think and live a life on your own terms.

Let humility prevail, love others as you would yourself and help those in need every chance you can. Lastly, in this age of social media and technology try to be mysterious and humble, reveal true feelings, your perfectly, imperfect life. Many will be moved by your courage and value you for the honesty that you share with the world.

Be Bold. Inspire. Seek No Approval

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